As a child, all I wanted to be was a writer.  I used to write short stories for my mom to read, hunting and pecking my way along the keys of a good ol’ fashioned typewriter. She thought they were good but, then again, she IS my mom.

Today, I am a wife, mother and author, but first and foremost, I am a child of God.   Don’t be spooked by the fiction I write. Life is stranger than fiction and the things I write about, happen in real life.

My upcoming book Forgiveness is Free, Why are you Saving It, will  keep you quickly turning pages and deeply engaged with  “Aha” moments along the way. Forgiveness in Free will encourage you to exercise the infinite resource of forgiveness to bless many lives, starting with yours. It will prepare you to stand up and make steps toward starting your own forgiveness revolution.

And be sure to check out my blog, where I share my musings on things that middle-agers have in common, in far fewer words than it takes to write a book! 

Thank you for looking me up!

I look forward to our friendship.

Blessings to you,