As a child, all I wanted to be was a writer.  I used to write short stories for my mom to read, hunting and pecking my way along the keys of a good ol’ fashioned typewriter. She thought my stories were good but, then again, she IS my mom.  

Today, I am a wife and mother who, in addition to working full-time, blogs and writes books. I live in Rochester, NY, the burial place of the great Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.

I love snowball fights in the winter and water balloon wars in the summer. I’m over 50 but, to the great embarrassment of my children, will race you, play you or challenge you in almost any game.  And I play to win! My favorite singers are Anita Baker and Stevie Wonder. If you attempt one of their songs and can’t sing, I have a snowball with your name on it. 

My blog,  has been visited by over half million readers . Follow me there as I give my musings on the common experiences we share, in far fewer words than it takes to write a book.  And sign up for my newsletter for updates, contests and giveaways.

My new book Forgiveness Is Free, Why Are You Saving It, was released in 2020. It will keep you turning pages and deeply engaged with  “Aha” moments along the way. Forgiveness is Free will encourage you to exercise the infinite resource of forgiveness to free yourself and others from the bonds of bitterness. It will inspire you to make steps toward forgiving those who have hurt you and motivate you to start the movement with a forgiven, healthy you.

Here’s what readers are saying about Forgiveness is Free:

This book gave me the gift of insight, tears, and laughter in one package. The balance of authenticity, transparency, spiritual teaching, and humor made this a very worthwhile journey.- CC

I initially felt like I was peeking at your diary. I felt a myriad of feelings, from hurt, pain, understanding, to truth and hope.  I was just amazed that you could be so transparent. I felt the background was necessary and was told with an air of hindsight, insight and honesty.  I thought your suggestions were clear and honestly, as a former counselor, so accurate in their directive. -ABJ

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Blessings to you,