Tasha Jones is an innocent pre-teen, held in a world gone wrong. Stuck in the foster care system, she deals with the struggles of adolescence, a parent on drugs and the perils of life for the unpopular, neglected and abused. Through embarrassments and disappointments, she rises each day to face what life has in store for her and her older sister KK–a tough, street-smart teen who loves her little sister as much as she’s able and does whatever it takes to keep the family together.

Life has not been kind to thirteen-year-old Tasha Jones. Everyone she knows is either crazy or missing and now she’s on the run. How will she find the bright future she seeks while hiding from such a dark past?
Reunite with the lovable, wise-cracking misfit as she makes true friends, finds new faith and discovers the many definitions of family. Join her journey and hope for the best. You won’t be the only one who’s Following Tasha.

This is the second book in the Tasha and KK series.